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Paul now offers Public Speaking Services.

News, reviews, background articles and interviews about my first novel available through the Heron Fleet link here and on the navigation bar.

To Francesca, Heron Fleet was the whole world, truly mother and father to her, as the founders had intended 

...But not everything is perfect in Heron Fleet 

The latest Blog from mid-August is now available...

If you haven't had to deal with the thorny problem of how to write a really persuasive synopsis of your book to send to an agent or publisher, it's only a matter of time. And as I've been finding out, it's not easy to decide on the best approach ...[more]

Then there's my short story
On Branscombe Beach 

in the 
Pandril Press short story anthology Weird Love

This new anthology is an attractive and intriguing blend of themes and styles.  It reveals the poetry and mystery beneath the surface of the everyday. A delightful and varied collection...[More]